26 Apr

The Gradenscapes is the first game which is developed with a unique combination. The game is developed with renovation and match-3 concept. In the game, the players are required to rebuild the garden by adding numerous things.

The players need to perform different types of activities in the game. The Gradenscapes tips and tricks are highly beneficial in performing all activities perfectly. The game is also featured with a virtual assistant or in-game character. It is named as the Austin.

Role of Austin 

When you access the application first time then firstly you can see the Austin. Here the game’s in-game character welcomes the players. With it, the players will receive a letter from him, in which he describes some gameplay related details.

After that, he starts providing proper information about the game. All these things are working as a tutorial, by which the players can what they should do. During the game, the character is also appreciating the players for boosting confidence.

Activities to perform 

When the players get complete knowledge about the game, then Austin asks for an owner. He is finding a new owner who spends money on improving the condition of Garden. Here, the players need to mention their name and own the garden.

If anyone performs better or completes the game then he appreciates the player. You can see it in the form of claps. In this way, he asks to complete the tasks day by day. With it, the game is featured with the day-night cycle and the in-game character is also used to sleep.

With every morning the Austin wakes-up and starts performing activities. The day begins with some new challenges or tasks. For it, the players need to play the match-3 levels and complete different types of objectives. It is beneficial in earning in-game funds and spends them on improving garden conditions.

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Details about the in-game character 

According to the in-game story, the Austin a butler and also has skills of an architect. He is very loyal to the owner and gives some valuable suggestions. In the complete game, he works as the Gradenscapes guide for the players.

He gives suggestions related to the way of playing the game easily. If the players are following him properly then they never get confused. He provides a perfect way for all types of issues and players need to put efforts. 

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